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Never loads anything "error"

Don't get

Horrible app , it won't connect to wifi lte or 4g . Waste of time .


Horrible app


It's an amazing app

Love it

I love this app I never miss any key events from games but it didn't rate it 5 stars because I have 9-12 year olds showing up on my feed with there game prediction and there is no way to prevent it

FUTWORLDS - Spectacular

Amazing app - it is a sports person main wannahave and essiential reference to live events


Wanted to watch Super Bowl 50 live so YouTube sent me to this work of nonsense, false advertisement, won't get anyone's admiral attention

You can't watch the game here

All false advertising


Great app!!

Buen inicio

Me gusta el concepto de poner los créditos en los videos, quizás así se pueda evitar que te saquen los videos por Copyright. Me gustaría que dejen subir videos más largos y también poder compartirlos en las redes. Porque tienen límite de subir videos??? Espero q mejoren, buen inicio!


They lied saying that you could watch live gamesbut that is total bs so don't waste your time downloading this app

Superb for football addicts

Brilliant app, easy to use, good quality football content

Can't watch game

It a great app but I can't watch game 😔 how do I watch games


It keeps me updated and shows me the highlights and scores of matches. Love this app!

Nice Futbol App

El App Es muy impotante

24 hours!

Check quickly and you'll never be behind on soccer news

Handy if you are quick

Very good. No archival capacity so there is no way to share anything after 24 hours all video disappear Crisp and clear writing

Ok app

So I got this app because it was advertised as an app that lets you watch games, I download it and it only gives you highlights. But overall if you aren't looking for full games and you just want the news for your favorite teams it's a great app

No live matches

I got the app with the expectation it would have live matches


Footballworlds on instagram got me here.. best app for watching highlights!


I was expecting to watch full live matches. And there was NOTHING on here showing full matches. All it is, is pretty much a vine app. It's stupid. I'm just glad it was free


I love this app

I'm downloading it 🌝

Hmu on kik @ alialkhatib45 & tonight barcelona's playing juventus. #Viscaelbarca


Fanatix is a great app for sports fans who like to follow football, soccer, cricket and basketball. It's extremely easy to access at the palm of your hand and it's easy to scroll through and read the articles.

NO LIVE sports

The website says you can watch live sports TV.....crap

Great app! Customised selection of news for all sports areas

This app is just great. You can select your favourite teams and players and get a personalised feed with news tweets, photos - all about your favourites.


Don't download. Very bad app


Chile primera división por favor. 🙏

Like the concept

But when attempting to check in to Australian cricket the app crashes UPDATE: stats isn't working after new update

A simple critique

I downloaded this app with high expectations, but I simply will not use an app that requires integration with Facebook. The gaping privacy concerns are self evident. Many customers feel this way, and I felt the need to share my experience.


Awesome app very useful and fun

Love it!

Works as described, great concept!

Nice work!

Really like this app! Don't really have anything that will let me talk to friends at a game except for SMS. I guess I can also chat with my friends, not at the game too. Really cool. I can also see which events my mates are going to. I can't wait to use this at my the next game...go rangers!

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