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No need to stress when you miss a game, because fanatix is always there to show you the best highlights of the game!!!

I like it

Its a great app and easy to find score updates


Love the notifications. Means I can check app for what matters to me. Up to date info. Brilliant!

Its okay

They have many great features but they only post new articles in the morning. Some of the articles dont even work


Never loads anything "error"

Dont get

Horrible app , it wont connect to wifi lte or 4g . Waste of time .


Horrible app


Love it! So easy to use! Amazing, Love it! I recommend this app!

Love it

I love this app I never miss any key events from games but it didnt rate it 5 stars because I have 9-12 year olds showing up on my feed with there game prediction and there is no way to prevent it

FUTWORLDS - Spectacular

Amazing app - it is a sports person main wannahave and essiential reference to live events


Wanted to watch Super Bowl 50 live so YouTube sent me to this work of nonsense, false advertisement, wont get anyones admiral attention

You cant watch the game here

All false advertising


Great app!!


They lied saying that you could watch live gamesbut that is total bs so dont waste your time downloading this app

Superb for football addicts

Brilliant app, easy to use, good quality football content


It keeps me updated and shows me the highlights and scores of matches. Love this app!

24 hours!

Check quickly and youll never be behind on soccer news

Handy if you are quick

Very good. No archival capacity so there is no way to share anything after 24 hours all video disappear Crisp and clear writing


Great if you just want to see the best clips

whole company is a lie

nothing from fanatix is real the fake soccer app caughtoffside does not give any real information all bull s**t articles that sound amazing but do not have valuable information. everything that gets posted is just to receive clicks. the writers (if you can even call them that) give amazing headlines like cr7 moving to mls to play for blah blah blah the reason the write headlines like this is they get paid per click on there article. dont help these clowns make money. dont waste ur time download this app or anything they are associated with its all crap

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